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Fear/paranormal Stories

  Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (2)
Haunted cane
Never would pay 50,000 euros for a metal cane; Not even if it was haunted? Well the «Ghost Cane» actually went up for auction on eBay by Mary Anderson, which considered that to get rid richly object would alleviate fears of 6-year her son, who was convinced that the ghost of his grandfather had throniastei in spades. The policy of eBay even now expressly prohibits the sale of "intangible objects like souls and spirits", but allowed the woman to put on auction by accepting supplications for the sake of her child. There was of course an inviolable condition for the new proud owner of the accursed club: to write a letter to the six year old who will inform him that his cane and the integrated soul grandfather are doing fine in their new home. The new house so haunted the club is the casino Golden Palace, with rattan (and grandfather) to finds its place beside sandwich bearing the face of the Virgin Mary, for which the casino paid 20,000 other euro ...

 Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (3) The demoniac chest
150 years ago somewhere in the American South, the Jacob Cooley ordered the Afro-American slave Hosea to build a chest for the first child of the landowner. And the servant did just that, only the master was not satisfied and beat him to death. The other slaves of the plantation then set about to avenge the unjustly shed their friend: owl sprinkled blood on the chest and put one who knew them to curse. Paradoxically, the newborn son of the boss died, and the next year 17 deaths wider family were connected to the chest. The curse was finally withdrawn by a woman who had assumed such powers and most harmless exposed to the History of Kentucky ...

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (4) The ring of Rudolph Valentino
The Valentino (1895-1926) was one of the first Hollywood stars of the era of silent cinema, which was lost prematurely (at age 31) of gastric perforation. Not a few of course those who saw behind the death of the ring he had bought from jeweler in 1920. Legend has it that Valentino showing jubilant the Acquisitions to a friend, who saw the same dream night with the actor dies. The next movies star was a fiasco and he died six years later. It was of course his partner, Pola Negri, which became seriously ill when he put on her finger with the ring to undermine both the career and the life itself of. Coincidences, some maintain. The curse does not end here: the Russ Colombo, the actor who portrayed Valentino in biopic of the star wore the ring and killed a few days later in an accident on the shooting. The ring was sold then to gangster Joe Casino, who does not wore for years until they received the assurance of "special" that the curse had now faded. Alas! When he put it on his finger would come years after the end of: he died within a week of rolling. And the list of misfortune continues, with the ring disappears but sometime in the 60s. Is in your hand?

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (5)
The cursed painting
The "Boy Cries» (Crying Boy) was a mass produced reprontixion table Bruno Amadio which proved extremely popular in the West during the 50s and especially the British Isles. In the 80s of course the list could live a second glory when the tabloid newspaper «The Sun» interview hosted firefighter from Yorkshire, who claimed no less that the table was the only thing that survived a series of fires in homes the area! Even in ruins, the house to be burnt, the table always came out unscathed. And other firefighters testified his story, saying that indeed none of them dared to get a copy for the home. The newspaper did not leave the matter of course in peace, hosting interviews 'victims' and reaching the extremes launched a massive campaign to undo the curse, with people sending in hundreds of tables in the newspaper to the "burn rituals." Sometime intervened course the BBC, which concluded that the "fireproof" panel fault a layer of varnish with non-combustible properties. Was he wonder why its resistance to fire or extra-terrestrial forces as like the tabloid;

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (6)
The bunk of spirits
In February 1987 in Wisconsin U.S. a young couple bought a used bunk bed for their children. And then things got extreme scary! Right from the first night, the kids got sick, radio stations change wildly, and both boys said they saw that night dream witch. The countless incidents of house Tallman have no end campfires not burned and disappeared at the sight of ... fire extinguisher up voices urging members Familia with their names. The pastor was asked to solve the mystery managed to stop paranormal phenomena for a while, only for a while though. At Christmas 1988 the father was tired from partying the spirits and burned the bunk in the garden. As you rightly assume, paranormal activity ceased ...

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (7)
The skull roaring
We return to East Yorkshire, where the mysteries appear to have no end. The skulls shriek So the hall Burton Agnes Hall has its own history: the palace was built during the reign of Elizabeth I by Sir Henry Griffiths and his sisters. One of them fell ill certainly heavy and die before the other sisters promised that would remove the head from the body and kept it in one of the rooms of the villa, in a moment of delirium sadness imagine. Which of course did not happen, the girl buried "traditional" in the family tomb. In a short time but eerie cries in the night were heard constantly at home, with her sisters to visit the tomb and frozen with terror: the skull of the unfortunate girl had decomposed to such an extent that remained now only bones, the skull has simultaneously cut from the body. The father finally transposed head home, the cries stopped and the incident would end there if you do not die sometime the occupants of the residence. Why are the new owners decided to get rid of the macabre skull in the lounge, to live amazed horror scenes: the walls shaking every time you head left the front door of the house, the tables were falling and cries of despair vibrated the house. The descendants of Sir Henry realized then that the skull had to remain in the house, but decided to build the wall to escape the macabre spectacle, where it remains until today ...

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (8)
The chair of death
The House Baleroy in Pennsylvania was built in 1911 and hosted objects not only priceless but and historical significance as the personal belongings of Thomas Jefferson. Apart of course from the important relics, the villa also has supernatural prestige! The last tenant of the villa, George Meade Easby, died in 2005, certainly not before it claims that all words paranormal phenomena taking place in the villa, with the ghosts of his relatives, including Jefferson's, strolling carefree aisles! The shocking story of course had to do with the Blue Room and the "Chair of Death" located there. The chair with blue upholstery, supposedly once belonged Bonaparte, is not the kind of seat would someone want to try. Countless paranormal investigators have concluded that within the resident ghost woman (!) When the spirit is there, a blue mist fills the room with anyone who tries to sit on the chair at that moment to be lost for good. To date, four brave men have defied the advice of specialists and ventured to die of course a little later ...

Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (9) A bridal different from the others
As a daughter of Croesus the steel of the 19th century Elias Baker, the Anna could have everything that money guaranteed. Of course she wanted that money can not buy: true love. The teenager fell in love then a poor factory worker father and as the stereotype he wants, his father was outraged by the choice and forbade her to marry him. She then decided to remain a spinster and died as a spinster, with the bridal she bought her mother remains unsold. Yet the girl wore the dress that is so craved, but not in this world! The gown was until recently the home, which has now turned into a museum (Blair County Historical Society), in her room even in a glass case in front of a mirror. And here comes the good: many museum visitors ran distraught aisles watching the dress to swing in the showcase! The spirit of the girl rehearsing her wedding dress in front of the mirror, or at least so they want those responsible for the museum ...

 Καθημερινές ιστορίες... ανείπωτου τρόμου (10)
Annabel, the doll of Satan
Known investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren took in solving the mystery in the haunted doll in the early 70s. The retro doll was purchased as a gift from mother to daughter a little older, the student transfers to the home he shared with a roommate. And as one would expect, the paranormal started falling rain: the doll reportedly had the ability to move (!) With the girls to find it every time and another place. Even handwritten notes seem to leave the doll, with children grammatakia finish every time with the "help me". Shortly thereafter, blood stains appeared on the dress the doll with the girls call spiritualists and learn firsthand that the ghost of a 7 year old girl who was murdered at the exact same house had haunted doll. Then allowed to continue unfortunate ghost demon of course, with friends but the girls were not in line with their decision to find dark: many attacks from otherworldly forces occurred in the home, only to those who objected to the presence of the doll at home! As for the investigators concluded that indeed the spirit of the girl had haunted doll, which of course conveniently carried in their museum in Connecticut (Warren Occult Museum), with Annabel continues to move through the shop window and growling occasionally at adventurous visitors ...